- Get rid of your love handles
- Get the curvy butt you`ve always wanted
- Feel Stronger And Healthier
- Gain a flat stomach and Noticeable abs
- Level up Your Bikini-body Confidence!
Join over 139,158+ women who have already succeeded.

After just a couple of weeks, you feel the the difference.

For weeks after, your friends will ask you how you look so good!

BHP is not easy, but it's worth it.

Six weeks of powerful workouts, awesome results, and good wibes!

You can do every workout in your living room without any extra equipment. 

Workouts last only 20-30 min, five times a week.

Check out these awesome result Joanna achieved in a month.

Most importantly - you can do the same!
Hi! You are awesome :) 

I'm Tuovi, mom of a cute boy, wife to my loving husband and professional HIIT-coach.

I help women who struggle with low body confident, health issues and weight loss to turn their life into awesome direction. 

I have helped over 172 460 women to start a new life with my program.

If the following sound about right I recommend you to listen my story.

  •  You want to shred your love handles but they just keep getting bigger
  •  Graving for sweets and food ruin your diet time after time
  •  You are frustrated and sick and tired of yo-yoing with your weight
  •  You feel tired all the time
  •  You want to change but you don`t know where to start or what to do to make the change really happen
  •  You don`t want to spend a lot of money to hire a personal trainer
I have followed these same methods my self for years. So I know what I'm talking about. Although I have always been sporty, my weight have gone up and down through adulthood.

Six years ago after childbirth, I was fighting for many years to get my weight back where it was before the pregnancy. Our little cuteness was not the best toddler to sleep. You can imagine, that tired you want to give yourself every taste and awards that will "heal" your tired face.

I went through several different diets and coaching sessions. I treated and ate according to the instructions, but no results came.

Over the past few years years, I have trained and effective HIIT training and mental coaching all over the world. I wanted to get instructed with the best. 

Now I have packaged this knowledge you easily bite into a format that will help you achieve a permanent results of which you've always dreamed of. As I said earlier, Bikini HIIT Program is not a diet but a powerful beginning into a new lifestyle.

How many diets do you have started? How long have you dreamed that you do not have to think about what other people think of you? You could feel confident and be proud wearing what ever you like.

Come on take my hand. Let's do this together!


Look at Jenny's transformation after my Bikini HIIT Program!
"Unbelievable what this program have done to my body and mind. My waist has melted over 2 inches and the booty 1 inch. My friends said that I shine like I'm in love. And that just right: I'm in love with new me :)"
-Jenny A. 
And if Jenny is able to transform, so are you!
Bikini HIIT Program is not a diet, 
it's a Jump-Start into a new life style

We'll show you how to work out just 20-30 minutes 
five times a week, and gain amazing results!

You can work out at home without any equipment
so you save a lot time and money.

We combined the latest studies on HIIT training into an intensive 6-week program. 
No more trouble of going to the gym or wondering how you should work out. 
You will get everything you need to get fit onto your computer, tablet, phone:
Motivation, Workouts, Diet Plans, Relaxation Guide, Stretching Program 
"Hi! I want to thank you for these awesome results! 2 inches of fat burned from the waist. I have recommended BHP to everybody! 
This is just what I needed 👌🏻"
-Joan K.
 I wondered if this program was meant to be for me because I was such a big girl. It turned out to be exactly for me. Workouts were fun to do and the results? Totally I lost over 5 inches off my waist! 5 inches!!!
Me mom of 8 In lost 4 inches of my waist and thighs. But the biggest change happened inside of me. I feel more alive than never before - I freaking shine :)
Limited time bonus!
Act now and you'll get 2 free bonus weeks. 
You will receive a 6+2 week program for the six-week price.
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Why Bikini HIIT Program is so effective? 
Build muscle and shred fat faster 
with this optimal HIIT workout routine

Versatile program is a key in effective training. 
These exercises you will work out your whole body 
instead of just doing a few movements you have done at the gym.

HIIT workouts make your body burn fat after the workout
when the muscles replenish their glucose stores.

The program builds on optimal periods of exercise and recovery 
so that your body will make the most of the workout.

Build a long lasting habits with our meal plans.

We have prepared several healthy meal plans for you. 

So you can choose the one that fits for you. No one wants to keep on eating foods they hate.

Every week, we share you easy to follow instructions on how, when and why 
you should eat to gain the results you are after.
We'll push you through the hard times 
and keep your spirit high.
I will be with you throughout the training program.

I know that you may still feel you stand alone against challenge.

Look at this free bonus!
I want to make sure that You get the maximum benefit from the coaching.

That's why You can invite one of your friend for free to the program!

Still Wondering?
They didn't.

Just follow the path of these awesome women and you can have same kind of results.
"Toning around the midsection was amazing! That was the most important thing and 8 lbs weight loss was a bonus"

The Bikini HIIT Program immediately hit the spot. It was easy to follow and it provided tangible advice on what to do. 
I feel a whole lot lighter and more energetic and I have already lost over 3 inches of my waist!" 
"Awesome six weeks of training completed! I have lost over 8 pounds and over 1,5 inches off my waist! 
I have gotten into better shape fast and my body... Just Wow! Swelling is gone and I feel energetic." 
In Bikini HIIT Program You'll get all this:
A versatile 6-week HIIT training program. 

You will receive 24 different HIIT-workout with video demonstrating. 

Every workout is different to ensure the maximum effect to your body.

The workouts have been planned specifically for weight management and improving muscle tone. You can really feel and see the change! 
Value $124
Meal plans and diet guide to support the program with delicious recipes
You can choose from our pre tailored meal plan bank just the one that fits for you. 

If you want gluten free or vegetarian, 
you get it.

 Plus a lot of easy-to-follow advises how you can boost your weight loss by little tweaks. You will learn to manage your weight without starving. 
Value $68
An Intensive Core Training program.
6-week Core workouts with picture and video demonstrating. 

Step by step program how you can build 
strong core and shape your abs. 

These workouts will burn the fat out of your tummy.

Value $88
Act now and You'll Get these Awesome Bonuses!
75 dieting tips

We both know that you are able to lose some pounds. 

The hardest thing is how you keep up the good spirit and motivate yourself to take the next step to keep your new body. 

I gathered you 75 good tips how you can easily keep yourself going and succeed for the long run.
Value $38
release the stress -guidance
You get assignments and recordings, which makes it easy to relax yourself from everyday rush and pressure.

 You are able to reduce the amount of the stress hormone cortisol in your body and lose fat around your tummy.
Value $48
20 Delicious Smoothie recipes
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. With these recipes you can enjoy delicious and healthy breakfasts day after day.

Every smoothies take only 5min to prepare.

Value $28
2 Bonus weeks
You will get a four-week program for the three-week price.

Value $28
Limited time bonus: invite a friend to join the program
This limited time bonus let you to invite a friend into the Bikini HIIT Program.
He/She will get the same program as you so you can push each other trough hard times.

So come on in and gain life time access all the materials.
total value over $366 
+ a Friend
Normal price $124


How does this work?

After payment you'll get a personal link to the Bikini HIIT Program.

From there you can download workouts and diet plans so they are yours forever.

There's video and photo guidance in every workout that will show you how to properly do each exercise for maximum benefit.

You'll get motivation letters during the program so you can't miss a thing.
I trust You and this program so much that I insist you to ask me money back if you do not feel the difference just after the two weeks.

If you are not completely satisfied with the program, just tell us in 14 days and we will refund you the money.

No hard feelings or awkward questions asked.

Bikini HIIT Program is made for you if...

You are sick and tired of yo-yoing or starving yourself while dieting
There's nothing so frustrating than being on a diet. Bikini HIIT Program is not a diet. 
It will change your manners and make them to last.

You are busy at work or a mom. 
You don´t have time or just don´t want to spend a lot of time at the gym. 
With these workouts you can achieve amazing results at home while your little ones are taking a nap or in a hotel room after a busy conference day.

You need a butt-kick or just a guidance to the right direction.
 You know you should do something to improve your wellbeing. 
It just feels so hard to take the first steps or you do not know where to start or what steps to take to finally get results. 

Look at Johanna - just in three weeks!
"I'm 43 years old mother of three boys. There´s not a lot of time for me to exercise because after work I have to take our kids to their hobbies. A friend of mine suggested me to join in the Bikini HIIT Program.

It was really worth doing this. Workouts take only twenty minutes and I can exercise at home. And the results? Well, you can see my pictures just after three weeks." 
–Johanna, happy and fit mom :)

Your new life is about to begin - here!

Normal price $124

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